An Phat Equipment and Accessories Company Limited, formerly known as An Phat Equipment and Accessories Center, which was established in 1994 in Hanoi (Vietnam). After nearly 20 years of continuous innovation and development, An Phat has so far become a reliable Vietnamese partner for many famous manufacturerswith various industries, such as
- Electrostatic coating equipment of Asahi Sunac (Japan);
-Metal processing equipment, pneumatic tools, hydraulic and pneumatic valves and couplings of Nitto Kohki (Japan);
- Pneumatic tools (bolt fastening, screw fastening, polishing, etc.) of Kuken (Japan);
- Pressure hoses of Toyox (Japan);
- Pneumatic hand tools and accessories of Vessel (Japan);
- Hand sockets and various hand tools of Koken (Japan);
- Metal saws and hand tools of Bahco (Sweden);
- Quick tire repair patches and tools of Maruni (Japan);
- Screw compressors, piston compressors and compressor accessories of Hanshin (Korea);
- Tire changers, wheel balancers of Cormach (Italia);and many products of other major
companies in the world..
      In order to increase benefits for the customers, makethem feel perfectly satisfiedwith the quality of products and save their time, efforts and money, An Phat has paid special attention to the development of its services, during and after sales. With a team of skillful technicians, An Phat is committedto providingthe customers with FAST – SAFE – EFFECTIVE after-sales services, including:
- Technical consultancy, installation, maintenance and periodical check;
- Repair and replacement of equipment and spare parts
- Genuine equipment and accessories supply
       An Phat pledges to provide genuine equipment and spare parts, helping to maintain continuous operation and enhance the work efficiency for the customers.

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